Raheem Sterling Proves He’s A Complete Dickhead By Showing Off How Rich He Is On Snapchat

Raheem Sterling Rich

Leave it out mate.

Raheem Sterling was made the scapegoat by many, following England’s dismal Euro 2016 campaign that came to a juddering halt on Monday at the hands of European superpower Iceland. To be fair, he wasn’t any shitter than Harry Kane, Joe Hart or Wayne Rooney in that last match (Roons was fairly decent the rest of the time to be fair) but it’s easier to pick on one persona and unfortunately it’s gotta be him.

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Therefore, it’s probably not the best idea for him to return to England and start showing his friends around his mansion and bragging about how rich he is. Sterling talks about his Ferrari and Range Rovers, how he’s got a massive cinema room and also a jewel encrusted sink, all whilst still wearing his England training top that he just got back from France in. That’s really not going to endear him to the nation/anyone is it?

Yeah, that’s not really so good. I know it’s his private time or whatever but he should be smarter enough than to act like that in the current social media climate. Clearly he hasn’t picked very good friends either if they’re leaking this footage of him. Mistakes all round there really.

Again, there isn’t really any evidence of this having happened in the last couple of days, although that does look like a new England training top which could confirm it. I’m not 100% sure of it though. Still, the fact it’s emerged today probably does suggest that this is how he’s been spending his time since he returned home from France. And that’s going to piss a lot of people off – expect him to get booed categorically wherever he goes next season.

It’s not the first time Raheem’s been in trouble either – here’s a video of him snorting a nos balloon.


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