STI Rates On The Rise After A Dangerous New Sex Trend Sweeps The Nation


Unsafe sex.

A new BBC Three show titled ‘Sex Map of Britain – Dangerous Infections’ takes a look behind the doors of one of London’s busiest sexual health clinics.

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One 22-year-old patient reveals how he regularly necks a cocktail of drugs to have sex with strangers including those with STIs, but insists he isn’t worried about the consequences.

Chemsex parties and ‘Russian roulette’ orgies are rising in popularity across the nation and Barnaby is one of those who takes part. In the show he reveals that he has sex with six or seven different people on rotation while high on drugs and is not worried about using protection, even when the person has HIV:

I get very embarrassed asking people to wear a condom so I have stopped asking people to use one

You lose a lot of your own inhibitions when you are having chemsex.

I did get back in touch with one of the people I had sex with and he said he is HIV positive and he is saying it’s 50% my fault because I didn’t make him use a condom.

I can see why, with the shame that it comes with, he might not say, but he should have, and I should have used a condom.

When I get high enough I even sleep with six or seven people in one night in rotation.

I have been in a lot of situations when the risk of HIV is quite big and that feeling for a month of not knowing if you have it or not is pretty hollow.”

(I’ve taken) most of ‘chems’ – crystal, G (GHB) and mephedrone, and pills and ecstasy and ketamine – basically a very broad range and you will do things you really wouldn’t do sober.

As stories like this continue to arise, so have STD rates, with the diagnosis of gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis more than doubling in the last ten years. Barnaby himself has had four injections to treat gonorrhoea and chlamydia.

Charles, another visitor to the clinic, said:

I was with a long term girlfriend and once that ended I went all out without thinking. It’s not triple figures but it’s not far off.

I ended it because I wanted to have sex with other people, and since I have done it I regret it, and I want her back.

With all the online stuff it’s pretty easy to meet people and sex is pretty available if you want it.

But the worry is the people you are meeting you don’t know them that well, not even asking whether they are on the pill or what contraception they are using.

A lot of times it is happening and I regret it immediately.

I’m not surprised. I mean don’t get me wrong, sex is fun and sex on drugs can be fun too. But you’ve got to be out of your mind to not wear a condom whilst shagging strangers, especially when you know that they’ve got something. It’s a completely stupid practice and is probably the reason that a new form of super gonorrhoea has been sweeping the nation. Wrap it up guys.


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