Street Magician Arrested After Making Girl’s Bikini Disappear

The oldest trick in the book.

A man working as a street magician over in Clearwater, Florida (where else?) has been arrested this week after pulling off a woman’s bikini as part of a ‘magic trick’.

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According to the arrest report, Richard Cook was performing street magic at his usual spot, and he was attempting a trick in which he makes a scarf disappear from his hand.

He asked for a volunteer and the victim came forward. That’s when Cook asked her to keep both hands out in front of her, and then reached down and tried to pull her bikini bottoms down from each side.

The woman managed to keep them up and told Cook she wasn’t comfortable doing the trick. Apparently Cook responded “you WILL feel comfortable” and immediately did it again, this time exposing the girl to a crowd of people.

The victim ran off and alerted the first police officer she saw.

Women in bikinis

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Ah, the old “I’m going to make your bikini disappear by ripping it off you in broad daylight in front of everyone” routine. That old classic. Who knows – maybe there was about to be a sick payoff to the trick after Richard had pulled her bikini off, but obviously she didn’t stick around to find out and I don’t blame her. Still, maybe he was actually a real magician and not just some bum who wanted to see this woman’s vagina. I guess we’ll never know for sure.

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