How To Light A Cigarette With A Hammer


If you ever find yourself stuck in a metal workshop without a lighter you’ll be glad that you watched this video.


This has got to be one of the most pointless videos we’ve ever posted.

This is basically a video of some dude with nothing better to do showing you how to light your cigarette with a hammer. The thing is, it’s not even just a hammer that you need, you need loads of other shit like a massive block of metal and a rod of metal to whack with the hammer. The trick is kinda cool in that he does actually light his cigarette without a lighter or a match or anything, but to be honest I’d rather just go to the shops and buy a lighter or use my toaster or just ask someone for a light. When are you ever in the situation when you don’t have a lighter/toaster at hand but you have a massive hammer and a shit load of metal? It just doesn’t happen. Anyway, check out the video just in case you do ever find yourself without a lighter in the middle of a metal workshop and you fancy a smoke:

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