People Are Showing How Little They Can Taste Due To Coronavirus


As the Coronavirus pandemic has spread across the world, we’ve come to learn that one of the symptoms of the virus is losing all sense of taste and smell for some reason and people have now decided to make a challenge out of this by producing videos displaying just how shot their taste buds are courtesy of the virus.

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You can watch a whole bunch of these videos of people downing a whole bunch of combinations of disgusting stuff like hot sauce, shots of vinegar, onions, lemons, shots of whiskey, shots of vodka, mustard and chili in the videos below that are doing the rounds on TikTok and Twitter. They definitely have no idea what they’re swallowing – or their senses don’t at least.

The challenge was kicked off by Andy Goldstein:

Geez that really is rank isn’t it? I suppose you could argue that they’re faking it for some reason, but you’ve gotta hope that people won’t be driving up the panic and paranoia in these times just so they can get some more views on their channels, right? Surely not?

For more of the same, check out the original Coronavirus challenge. Idiotic.


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