Holly Holm Just Proved Why She’s The Ultimate Winner With This One Speech

Holly Holm

This woman is the polar opposite of Ronda Rousey, in every way.

Holly Holm proved what a class act she was when she revealed what she said to Ronda Rousey after she knocked her out on Saturday night, and she’s continued to cultivate that image in her latest interview with TMZ.

Asked about what she thought about the way the internet and vocal detractors like Donald Trump and Lady Gaga had been treating Ronda since her shock defeat at the weekend, Holly had nothing but respect for the former champ and made her feelings clear that people should stop trashing her and treat her with the recognition she deserves for changing the face of women’s MMA fighting.

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What a gracious champion – the complete opposite to Ronda Rousey of course. This probably means that she won’t be as popular and notorious a champion as Ronda was but hey, there’s only one Ronda Rousey right so why try and be something you’re not. Looking forward to seeing how Holly deals with the pressures of being the champ and the inevitable rematch.

For a reminder of why there’s only one Ronda Rousey, check this out.


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