Steve-O & Brandon Novak Gave An Update On Bam Margera And It’s Not Great News

Bam Margera isn’t doing too great.

Last we heard from Bam Margera, he had filed a bizarre lawsuit against Johnny Knoxville and the Jackass crew after they were left with no choice but to exclude him from the new Jackass movie, given his increasingly erratic and destructive behaviour that involved showing up to filming late and off his face on drink and drugs.

Well according to Brandon Novak and Steve-O, Bam is at a treatment facility where he recently had his phone taken away, which suggests he’s been breaking even more rules that he’s expected to be following. As Novak says – “no news is good news”, and unfortunately there’s always some new drama involving Bam Margera who seems less concerned with fixing up and sorting himself out than all his old buddies do.

Jackass Forever is out on February 4th, 2022. I wonder if there’ll be any mention of Bam at all; maybe a “get well soon” message or something. It doesn’t seem like the Jackass lads have given up on Bam but they are understandably distancing themselves until he gets serious about helping himself. Let’s hope that day comes sooner rather than later. Come on, Bam! We’re rooting for you.

For the time Bam flew a drone-mounted dildo into his girlfriend’s vagina, click HERE. Classic.


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