TikTok Influencer Has Coronavirus After Licking Toilet Seat In ‘Coronavirus Challenge’


I don’t want to nail my colours to the flag and say that there are definitely more idiots in this world since the Coronavirus pandemic broke out, but it does seem like people out there are being as stupid as possible given the current climate – the question is were they there all along though?

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Regardless of this debate, another grade A melon has emerged in the form of TikTok influencer Larz, who decided to take part in the ‘Coronavirus Challenge’ by filming himself licking a toilet seat and uploading it the internet. Not really sure why he thought this would be a good idea and wouldn’t get a lot of shit about it for being completely irresponsible, but I guess that’s TikTok for you.

Anyway, the backlash has been swift and unrelenting as not only has Larz been banned from Twitter for promoting for promoting irresponsible behaviour, but he’s also in hospital after having tested positive for Coronavirus. LOL.

Of course, I don’t wish Coronavirus or a hospital trip on anyone, but I would much rather someone like this prick ended up with it rather than someone who was doing the right thing and self isolating in their house and following directions. People like this idiot almost – almost – deserve to get it. Hope he recovers but has a real hard time of it.

For more of the same, here’s another guy who’s facing terrorism charges for opening jars and licking them in Walmart. Good.


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