KFC’s Colonel Sanders Has Got A Hot New 2016 Makeover And It’s Really Weird


If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

As far as I’m concerned, I’ve always looked at KFC’s Colonel Sanders as a crazy old colonial guy who’s obsessed with chicken, but apparently in 2016 it’s important to seem down with the kids and so Sanders has been reimagined as a ‘hot’ younger guy for the new generation.

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And of course, the perfect person to play him is Vincent Kartheiser, who you probably know better as Pete Campbell from ‘Mad Men’. Or Connor from ‘Angel’ if you were around in the early 00s. Apparently he was chosen for his ‘hair and flair’ and ‘piercing blue eyes’ which make him the perfect candidate to play the ‘Nashville Hot Colonel Sanders’ who you can see in the advertisement below:

Yeah, Vincent really didn’t really have to do much did he, but I suppose he still had to pose for that picture up there didn’t he? He also made this statement, which is way funnier if you imagine him saying it in Pete Campbell’s voice:

Like KFC’s Nashville Hot Chicken, I’m a bit of a rebel decked out in authentic Nashville flavour—a perfect combination of classic and cool.

Right. Let’s hope Kartheiser gets a real job soon because it’s kinda depressing imagining Pete Campbell doing crap like this after all his efforts.

For more ‘Mad Men’, remember the time they got Rick rolled? Was actually pretty funny.


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