KFC Has Re-Opened Some Of Its Restaurants For Delivery Only

Praise the colonel.

I’m pretty sure that the moment we all realised that we were going to be quarantined for the next however long was when we saw that all the fast food chains in the country were closing their doors – there was no way that would ever be allowed to happen unless something serious was going down.

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Thankfully though, after three weeks the first steps back towards normality have begun as KFC have announced that they’re re-opening eleven of their restaurants in the UK for takeaway orders and adhering to social distancing guidelines. They’re also allowing their staff to choose whether the want to come back to work as well, which kinda sounds like they’re doing things the right way.

Here’s what a spokesman said to LadBible, as well as the restaurants that will now be open:

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  • Stockport – Heaton Chapel
  • Tamworth
  • Birmingham – New Oscott
  • Manchester – Hulme
  • Portsmouth
  • Aldershot, Hampshire
  • Ipswich – Cardinal Park
  • Glasgow – Pollokshaws Road
  • Glasgow – Great Western Retail Park
  • Enfield – Coliseum Retail Park
  • Manchester – Deansgate

Over the last week, we’ve reopened 11 of our restaurants in the UK. They’re open for delivery only and are serving a limited menu, operated by fewer team members with new procedures in place to help ensure we’re following social distancing guidelines.

There’s still a need for affordable, accessible food at this time – so we want to do our part. We’ve also donated thousands of meals from all our open restaurants to those on the frontline, including the NHS and key workers, in partnership with Deliveroo, and will continue to do so each week whilst the situation continues.

Each restaurant is also going to donate 100 free meals to the NHS every Tuesday which is fairly nice of them too I suppose. No doubt we’ll see McDonald’s and the rest of them continue with this trend fairly shortly and who knows? This could be the new normal for the next six months or whatever.

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