This Huntsman Spider Is So Huge It Will Give You Nightmares For A Week

Huntsman 1


I’m not gonna lie I get pretty icked out when I see a regular spider or a daddy longlegs, so if I was over in Australia and this mofo crawled down my window I’m pretty sure I would absolutely lose my crap and probably end up burning down my own house to try and get rid of it or something.

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Fortunately Australians are a bit more chill about this stuff and don’t mind taking photographs of humongous spiders on the side of their windows to share with the world via Reddit. This is what user Pomohomo82 said about the spider:

Huntsman 2

This big guy just jumped on my lounge window. He’s so large he made a ‘thump’ noise when he landed and scared the hell out of me and the cat.

I know Huntsman are supposed to be our friends but this guy is pushing the acceptable boundaries a bit.

His body is about the size of the palm of my hand, so still room to grow.

I’m not planning to get rid of it. We’ve got a yard with some trees and he can live out there happily eating all the other bugs.

Yeah I don’t think I would be having the same reaction as that guy, no way. Although I suppose there are a whole load of other weird bugs over there in Australia so maybe the Huntsman is the lesser of two evils in this situation if it’s going to get rid of all of them too. Not really a choice I ever hope I’m required to make myself though, sure.

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