Mad Men Gets Rick Rolled

Mad Men Cast

One Rick Roll that isn’t very irritating for a change.

Rick Astley’s 80’s hit ‘Never gonna give you up’ became the bane of our cyber lives a couple of years ago when you couldn’t click on a youtube link without being ‘Rickrolled’. For those of you who lived in a box during this period, Rickrollin’ basically meant that instead of sending you to your desired destination when clicking on a link, it would send you to the most extremely irritating music video of all time when all you wanted to do was watch the video of the cute babies having a gurgle conversation in peace…God-dammit Rick.

After a while, Rick finally gave it up and rickrollin’ died along with the worlds fascination with piano playing cats (although we still love internet cats here at Sick Chirpse). The other day though, I stumbled upon this recent video of a cassetteboy style Rick Roll of the Mad Men cast.

If you haven’t seen Sick Chirpse favourite Mad Men before, it’s a show about the secrets and success of an Ad firm in the golden age of advertising.  With awesome main characters like the Dapper Don Draper and Roger Sterling, there is so much more to the show than endless supplies of whiskey, cigarettes and Christina Hendricks assets. It’s into its fifth season now but it really is worth a go.

This type of Rick-roll is far more entertaining than the time wasting internet meme of yesteryear that can quite frankly do one. Some worthwhile rick-rolls other than this and the one pulled on Bill O’Reilly include the protest against the Church of Scientology. The live Rick-roll, that Astley apparently found hilarious, involved protesters in New York, Washington and other US cities playing the song through boomboxes and shouting the lyrics at Scientology weirdos. I’m not quite sure of the reason for the protest but I can assume it was justified.

Bet Tom Cruise was quivering in his specially made platform boots.


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