Here’s What Matilda Looks Like 21 Years Later


All grown up.

It shouldn’t really be that surprising when you see a picture of someone 21 years later after not seeing them in that period and they look completely different, but every time you’re gonna mutter something like ‘wow, you really grew up’ because that’s just the way it is.

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It’s likely to be a similar story when seeing Mara Wilson these days. If you were around 21 years ago then you almost definitely saw Matilda because it was a big movie back then, but I didn’t really keep tabs on its star over the years and it doesn’t seem like many other people did either.

Turns out now she’s a playwright and this is what she looks like:

Mara Wilson Now

Pretty different right? Crazy that she grew up and learned how to use makeup eh – an idea that is warmly greeted by Mara herself:

However many times it’s said though, I don’t think it’s ever going to change. Check out what Zack from Saved By The Bell looks like now if you don’t believe me. Bet you click.


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