The New ‘Farcry: Primal’ Trailer Looks Absolutely Spectacular


Game of 2016?

We dropped the first trailer to FarCry: Primal about a couple of months ago and were pretty excited about it. The FarCry series is always really good, and the fact that this one was going to be set in the past when you were a caveman fighting wooly mammoths and other tribes added a whole new dimension to it, as it’s pretty much unlike any game like that that’s even been released previously.

The new trailer just dropped at the LA Game Awards over the weekend and as you might predict, it’s got us even more excited about it. Ubisoft also dropped a gameplay trailer where a couple of the French developers walk you through some of the new elements of the game.

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Looks pretty bloody eh? I kinda wanted them to go after the wooly mammoth in the gameplay trailer but I suppose they’re saving big fights like that for people that actually buy the game. The whole taming beasts and then unleashing them on rival tribes to completely savage them looks like a dope twist on the genre though for sure.

Hopefully the game will be as violent as this weird tribe from North Sentinel Island.


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