Girl Gives 10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Sex With Dogs; Internet Freaks Out

Girl Dog

Unfortunately I think this is 100% genuine.

There have been an unhealthy amount of stories of people having sex with dogs recently – well I mean just one story of someone having sex with a dog is unhealthy, but there have been a few in recent times – but I don’t think anyone expected a girl to upload a video where she talks about ten reasons why everyone should be doing it.

There’s basically only one reason as far as I’m concerned – you’re a sick pervert – but this young looking girl works through ten like it wasn’t even that hard for her to come up with them. You would under normal circumstances think that this was a joke or satire, but the way she talks in the video seems so realistic that I don’t think it can be.

Either that or the only other option would be that she’s the greatest actress of all time. See what you think.

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I mean seriously WTF – is she taking the piss or has she actually been letting the dog in the video diddle her? It’s messed up and she should probably be investigated.

And as for some of her reasons, honestly is she stupid? Oh it’s historically been recorded, so that makes it OK? Oh, you can’t get an STD from a dog – what the fuck else are you going to catch from a gross dog dick? Ewww I shudder just thinking about it.

Is it as weird as this guy who gave an interview about how he’s been fucking horses for years though?


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