Tomorrow Is ‘National Leave Work At 4pm Day’

Leave Work

It’s a new tradition.

Fridays are undoubtedly the best day of the week as you’re winding down at work getting ready for the weekend and in a good mood because you won’t have to come back there for a whole two more days.

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But tomorrow is going to be an even better Friday than usual because it’s ‘National Leave Work At 4pm Day’. Yes, this is actually a holiday that was dreamed up by Red Bull last year, who said the following about it:


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At Red Bull, we know you work hard. You put the hours in to get the job done.

That’s why on Friday, September 15 2017, we want to give you back that extra hour (or more) by finishing early.

Grab a Red Bull, smash through your work and then get down to more important business, like enjoying the weekend.

#4pmFinish isn’t about slacking off, it’s about being more productive.

To be honest, I’m totally about that – except maybe the using Red Bull to fuel your efficiency part. There have been numerous studies that show that if the working day is reduced that people get more done as they spend less time dossing around and daydreaming and more time getting down to work, and so I think this makes perfect sense.

Just wrap up all your work double quick time tomorrow and spend the last hour of the working day down the pub – you know it makes sense. If you wanna take it to the next step, check out this study that suggests you should have a masturbation break at work too. Behind that one too.


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