The Most Bonkers Action Movie Of The Year Is Being Released This Friday

The Villainess

Makes John Wick look like a pussy.

For the past twenty years it’s been hard to ignore the emergence of the Korean film industry, as time after time they come out with absolute belters like Oldboy, Audition, Train To Busan, R Point and The Host, and the latest in this long line of exemplary movies is The Villainess, which is being described as the most bonkers action movie of the year.

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Opening with a corridor massacre scene that completely rips Oldboy and Daredevil a new one, the film tells the story of Sook-he, an assassin with a double life who’s been massively betrayed and is looking for revenge. I’ve read that the plot is actually pretty multifaceted and layered – it’s been compared to Oldboy in one review I read – but the real point is all the violence and slaughter, and this is demonstrated wonderfully in the trailer below:

Whoa – doesn’t look like there’s going to be much room to come up for air there does there? Kinda looks like they’re using some of the influence of Hardcore Henry but combining it with a movie that isn’t just a mindless shoot ’em up – totally into that to be honest.

Unfortunately it only seems to be on a very limited release all over the country – and even then it’s only showing at really weird times next week  – so good luck if you manage to catch it at the cinema. Might be one to see on VOD at home I imagine. Probably worth the effort either way though.

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