The Loser Of The Jake Paul Tyron Woodley Fight Will Have The Winner’s Name Tattooed On Them

The stakes have been raised.

I haven’t really heard much about the Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley boxing match in the last couple of weeks despite the fact that it’s happening this Sunday, but this new stipulation that’s been added this week makes it even more of a joke and raises the stakes even higher.

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Apparently somewhere along the way in the trash talk between the two at a press conference, it was agreed that the loser of the fight would get ‘I love’ followed by the name of the winner tattooed on them. These guys seem to legitimately dislike each other so can you imagine how annoying it would be to have to be branded with that on your skin knowing that that other prick had knocked you out? The stakes are high, but purists out there will argue that Paul is turning boxing into WWE wrestling – a laughing stock basically.

Anyway, Jake Paul was speaking to True Geordie and confirmed that the tattooist was already booked and would be heading straight to Woodley’s locker room after the fight to ink him up:

I have a tattoo artist, one of the biggest tattoo artists in the world, Tattoo Baby, is coming to the fight.

She has her equipment, so after the fight I’m sending her to his dressing room to get it done, I swear.

That’s some tough talk isn’t it? Woodley has said that he’ll let Paul make a donation to his charity if he doesn’t want to get the tattoo, but I think both men should probably follow through on the wager considering how stupid it is and how much they’ll both hate it. C’mon.

Hopefully I wake up Monday morning to see Paul getting it inked on his skin and being memed into oblivion after being knocked out in the first round, but given how his boxing career has been panning out, anything could happen. Stay tuned.

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