Video Of Woman Punching Her Dog With Boxing Gloves On Goes Viral


Seems like we’re all dealing with lockdown in our own special ways – writing a novel, having a weekly backyard BBQ, ignoring social distancing rules, etc – but it seems like some people have really lost the plot and this has been evidenced yet again in the video below.

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The video comes to us from Idaho via Snapchat and involves a woman putting on a pair of boxing gloves and then proceeding to ruthlessly spar against what we can only assume is her pet dog, smacking it in the face numerous times. Once she even says ‘I felt that go straight through’, indicating how hard she must have hit the dog.

You can watch that video below, but it is kind of disturbing and distressing so just giving you the heads up about that here:

Needless to say after seeing smash hit mega documentary ‘Don’t Fuck With Cats’, people weren’t happy with this video and it soon went viral as a bunch of internet nerds tried to track down who she was so she could be reported tot he authorities. This didn’t even take 24 hours and the Idaho Humane Society had to actually issue a statement saying that they were dealing with the matter because literally so many people were contacting them and complaining about her behaviour.

Guess internet nerds have even less to do during lockdown. In all seriousness though, it’s probably a good thing that they managed to track her down and she won’t be abusing her dog anymore. That really isn’t a good look.

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