The Mysterious Metal Monolith In The Middle Of The Utah Desert Has Completely Disappeared

The plot thickens.

One of the more interesting and not depressing at all stories that we featured last week involved a giant metal monolith that had been discovered in the middle of the Utah desert and that nobody could figure out just what it was doing there, despite a whole bunch of theories emerging.

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The monolith soon became a tourist destination for people bored during the pandemic, but the story took an even more surprising and mysterious turn over the weekend after the mysterious structure completely disappeared one night. Here are statements from the Utah Bureau of Land Management and the local sheriff on the matter, as well as a couple of tweets from people that drove all night to visit it on Saturday morning only to find that it had vanished:

Here is our official statement on the rumors surrounding the “#Monolith:” We have received credible reports that the…

Posted by Bureau of Land Management – Utah on Saturday, 28 November 2020


The San Juan County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the mysterious appearance and disappearance of the #UtahMonolith. While…

Posted by San Juan County Sheriffs Office on Saturday, 28 November 2020


Wow. What a weird story – I don’t think anyone expected the monolith to just disappear without a trace, did they?

Right now, I think there’s probably only one explanation for it and that’s that it’s linked to some kind of viral campaign to promote the new Playstation 5 or a similar product and we’ll see the monolith appear at weird sites all over the world for the next couple of months before the big reveal of just what it is they’re advertising. I don’t really buy the idea that vigilantes removed it in the middle of the night to stop the destruction by tourists of the natural land because why would they do it in the middle of the night and not just in the day if that was their intention? The only reason someone would do it overnight is to add to the mystery, so that has to be the main goal for those responsible for choosing to do it then. Only question is who it was and what agenda they’re trying to push with it.

The response of the San Jose County Sheriff Department also seems a bit pathetic considering this is probably the biggest event that’s ever happened to their little town and they can’t even be bothered to investigate it and instead are making jokes about aliens. This case could really be the making of someone down there if they ended up cracking it – unless whoever is responsible for the monolith has already contacted them and told them not to look into it too much or paid them off to look the other way? Just saying.

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