Watch These Marines On A Smoke Break Get Fired At By A Rocket And Immediately Get Into A Firefight

Marines Smoke Break

One minute you’re singing Jenny From The Block, the next you’re involved in a firefight.

Movies like Jarhead give you an idea of how boring life for a soldier can actually be as you just spend all your time chilling, guarding stuff, running drills and exercising etc. However, when you need to be on it, you’ve got to be alert and ready enough to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

That’s what you can clearly see in this video of a couple of young American marines in Afghanistan 2011. They’re just chilling, smoking cigarettes and trading lines from Jenny From The Block (you must get really bored over there) when suddenly, they get fired at by a rocket and they’re immediately at their guns and returning fire. That’s training right there man.

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I love how they didn’t even panic or even have to think twice about it and were just straight up on their guns returning fire. Of course, war always sucks but I guess those are the kinds of guys you want on your team if it has to come down to it and not ISIS fighters who want to quit the army because their fellow soldiers have bad manners. I hope they made it out of there OK.


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