The Rock Reckons He’s About To Break The Golf Driving Record

The Rock

Is there anything that The Rock can’t do?

The Rock is just one of those guys that’s going to make you feel shit about your life because he’s pretty much done everything in his – hell, he’s probably going to be the President one day – and today he’s announced that he’s going to do something else ridiculous. Hasn’t he done enough already?

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If you’ve read the headline then you’ll already know that The Rock is planning on breaking the record for the longest golf drive ever in the near future. He posted the following picture up on his Instagram the other day where he revealed that he had hit a golf ball 490 yards, just shy of the 515 yard world record, which he’s going to smash shortly.

Typical Rock:

Well, I can’t say I know that much about golf but The Rock is fucking huge so he definitely has the strength to hit a golf ball that far, and if he’s really only 25 yards off the record then it doesn’t sound that outrageous that he would be able to break it pretty sharply. And to be fair, when has The Rock ever failed at anything, ever? It’s in the bag basically.

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