Americans Receive Coronavirus Stimulus Money; Brag About Buying Guns And Sex Toys


There’s a whole load of uncertainty regarding employment and the economy during the height of the Coronavirus pandemic with many governments offering to bail out their populations with what has been termed stimulus money or furlough schemes, but over in America a whole bunch of people don’t seem to be taking this seriously and using their ‘free money’ to buy novelty items despite the fact they might need it desperately in the future just to buy food.

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This was emphasised yesterday when the stimulus money hit a bunch of people’s accounts in the States and they decided to immediately buy things like guns and sex toys and then take to Twitter to brag about their new purchases. Why are people like this?

Oh yeah, it’s because most people are idiots. I mean, I’m not gonna turn my nose up at $1200 in my account, but if the reality is that I’m not earning any money then I’m not going to spend that on dumb shit that I wouldn’t have already bought when I had a real job and was earning way more money.

Just beggars belief how people can be so lackadaisical about the situation but I suppose you do have to consider that most of these guys voted for Donald Trump so they don’t really care about anything except the next five minutes. Hope that their guns and strip poles serve them well when they’re literally starving and unable to pay their bills in the next couple of months. Good luck.

For more of the same, check out this video of a racist white woman pulling a gun on a black family having a picnic. Probably be seeing more of that in the days to come.


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