Former Morrison’s Security Guard Who Fled To Syria To Join ISIS Complains Of Fighters’ Bad Manners

Did he think it was going to be a walk in the park over there?

If you flee England to go and join ISIS then I’m not sure what you would expect conditions over in Syria to be like. I imagine that overall, it would be a lot harder living in the middle of the desert rather than living over here, but I haven’t done it and don’t plan to so will probably never actually find out.

I probably wouldn’t expect the other ISIS revolutionaries to be the nicest bunch though. Sure, you’re all in it together fighting for Islam against Western oppression, but there’s bound to be some kind of animosity between them as the majority of them were probably born and bred over there and you would be an outsider skipping over from the Western world to join in. As such, I would expect them to give me a bit of a hard time before I proved my worth and started to fit in over there.

It seems like this is the case too, as 27 year old former Morrison’s security guard Omar Hussain found out when he recently skipped the country and headed over to Syria to join ISIS. It’s ticked him off so much in fact that he’s taken to the internet to complain about the bad manners of his new comrades:

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Arabs as a whole have a unique culture, which differs dramatically from the western lifestyle.

There is no queue in any of their offices.

You could be waiting in line for half an hour and then another Arab would come and push in the queue and go straight in.

He wasn’t happy with their ‘etiquettes when eating’ either after they apparently pounced on him when he brought in supper.

Our Arab brothers, or Syrians to be more precise, lack … basic manners.

I therefore refused to give anyone food until every single one of them was sitting down in their seats.

Unfortunately I had to treat them like primary school students

They also took my phone off the charger.

Wow. It really sounds like he’s bitten off more than he can chew by heading over to join ISIS doesn’t it? Probably should have just stayed working at Morrison’s mate – at least they definitely know how to form a queue in there.

Let’s hope that this guy blows himself up fairly soon by accident like this dumb ISIS fighter, because let’s face it: as bad as ISIS already is, we don’t need them to become even worse by inflicting self indulgent blog posts like this on us all the time.


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