A Man Without A Mask Was Filmed Smoking On The London Underground

What an asshole.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen someone not wearing a mask and doing something completely and utterly outrageous that shocked even me, but we’ve got a new winner here as a guy decided to spark up a cigarette on the tube without a mask and puff away on it like he was Don King.

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The incident happened on the 15th January and is believed to have occurred on the Piccadilly Line. The worst part about it as that nobody even challenged the guy and just filmed him smoking away, although in fairness you’re gonna feel pretty intimidated if someone just straight up breaks a rule that’s been in place for almost 40 years during a goddamn global pandemic as well aren’t you?

Anyway, here’s the footage:

I mean even though the guy looks like a badass there, there’s no real way that you can argue that he isn’t being a complete and utter prick by acting like this. Hope he gets the virus and has a really bad time with it but pulls through. Don’t want the guy to die, but maybe a close brush with death will make him see the error of his ways. We’ll see.

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