Jimmy Kimmel Buys $14 Pair Of Shoes From China And Then Tell People They’re Kanye West’s New Shoes

Jimmy Kimmel Kanye West Shoes

What do you think happened?

Kanye West specialises in selling people absoluel bullshit for extortionate prices, and so it’s no surprise that when people are presented with actual bullshit instead of one of his ‘products’ that they can’t tell the difference.

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Jimmy Kimmel wanted to exploit this idea and so decided to get a $14 pair of shoes from China and then went out into the street and showed them to people claiming that they were Kanye West’s new Yeezys. What the hell do yo think happened?

Exactly. You might think that it’s kinda stupid that these people got got so easily, but really why would they have any reason to doubt that this would be Kanye West’s new shoe design when he sells plain white t-shirts for $120? It’s not really that unrealistic is it?


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