Logan Paul Wants To Fight Conor McGregor After The KSI Fight

Logan Conor

Good one.

A lot of attention is currently aimed at this stupid YouTube boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul because bizarrely it’s going to be the biggest event in YouTube’s history, but it turns out that Logan Paul wants to stay in the fighting game for a long time after that and already has eyes on Conor McGregor.

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TMZ Sports ran into Logan and his brother Jake at the airport somewhere and asked them if they had any ideas about their future in the combat sports profession and both of them were quick to say that they were keen to fight in the Octagon and compete in the UFC. Logan said that he wanted to fight CM Punk – not actually too bad of a shot – but then Jake took it up to a whole next level saying that he was looking for the scalp of Conor McGregor:

Jokes. I mean to be fair to both of them they do kinda laugh it off and say that they can’t expect to get in the ring with McGregor just yet as they have to train for a hell of a long time and prove themselves first, but it’s still pretty dumb to target the top guy in the world and expect to get into a fight with them.

Having said that though, Dana White and Conor McGregor both love money and this would certainly bring a lot in, so you never, ever know. I really hope it doesn’t happen though as it seems like the integrity of the whole profession is on the line with it. We’ll see.

For more Logan Paul, check him out storming out of a press conference because he got rinsed by KSI too hard. Ooooooh.


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