Man Climbs Onto Airplane’s Wing Before Takeoff And Breaks His Face

Your flight has been delayed.

Everyone has been subject to delayed flights throughout their lives – pretty much happens every time you get one, right? – but I doubt that anyone would have seen a guy literally climbing onto the wing of their stationary plane and forcing it to postpone its takeoff time.

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This did go down in Las Vegas over the weekend at McCarran International Airport, where a guy jumped the fence of the airport and proceeded to climb onto the wing of a grounded commercial flight, before attempting to climb up the very end of it and then falling off it and smashing his face on the ground. It’s a pretty comical video, although I can imagine you would probably be pretty annoyed if it was your flight. Sure beats your regular reasons though, so there is that.

Ouch. That looks like it definitely hurt but the guy definitely deserved it as well because he obviously pissed everyone involved with the airport and on the plane off by even attempting such a weird manoeuvre. Why would he even be trying to do that? What possible objective could he have from doing it?

A policeman at the scene said that mental illness or impairment was suspected, but even under those conditions you’ve still gotta question what he’s hoping to achieve from this course of action except a viral video and a big fine or a jail sentence. Guess he’s succeeded in that respect, but was it really worth it?

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