This New X-Men Trailer Featuring Wayne Rooney Is Absolutely Ridiculous

Wayne Rooney X Men

This is the funniest thing you’ll see today.

For some reason, Fox thought that it would be a good idea to partner with Manchester United to promote the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie and they’ve unveiled a couple of completely bizarre attempts at marketing in the past week.

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Firstly during the Bournemouth match on Tuesday a couple of the mascots were painted all blue (Apocalypse is blue if you didn’t know) and now they’ve decided to release this completely bizarre and ridiculous recut trailer for the movie featuring none other than Wayne Rooney in an acting role. David De Gea and Anthony Martial are mentioned too, but all the plaudits go to Wayne here.

It’s probably best you just watch it because it’ll be way funnier if you have no idea what is coming:

Wow. Don’t give up the day job there Wayne, the delivery of your lines really is something else. Were these really the best cuts that they could get of him saying them?

There’s no way they could possibly have thought that was a good idea is there? Surely they’re just releasing it because it’s so stupid and badly done that they know everyone will share it because it’s so hilarious? I’m really hoping so because if someone was sitting back watching that thinking ‘by God we’ve cracked it with this ad’ then I really would despair for the state of the world.

For more Wayne Rooney, here he is beating up Wade Barrett on WWE Raw.


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