A Flight Was Delayed Because Two Women Were Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other In The Plane Bridge


It’s really annoying when you’re all ready to go on your holiday at the airport and your plane ends up being delayed so you have to spend a whole load of time sitting around doing nothing in said airport, but the truth is there are a multitude of reasons why this could have happened and sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal with it.

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However, I would be understandably really pissed off if I was literally about to board my plane and couldn’t get on because two women were beating the shit out of each other in the bridge and then this led to a subsequent massive delay. This is the situation that passengers on the Monday flight for New York La Guardia to Atlanta were faced with when two women absolutely leathered the tar out of each other as they were about to board the plane, causing it to take off a couple of hours later.

Take a look at the footage below – it kinda sounds like they were sisters or cousins and that this kinda stuff happens all the time, which is sorta funny if it wasn’t screwing up everyone’s day:

That is a healthy scrap isn’t it? Love the way that the flight attendants just get out of the way and watch and don’t do anything to help and look completely helpless, having to defer to what looks like their family and friends to sort the whole situation out.

Would be real funny if it didn’t screw up the whole day for everyone in the airport. Gotta wonder how they even got so mad at each other that it ended up like this, especially during a pandemic. Maybe they were Catfishing each other or something.

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