Man Gets Knocked Out Cold For Using The N Word At A Gas Station

That’s all she wrote.

After the whole George Floyd incident and the worldwide furore that was caused afterwards and the continuing support of the Black Lives Matter movement, you would think that people would know by now that they can’t go around calling black people the N word whenever they want, but it seems like the guy in the video below didn’t get the memo.

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Not sure where the video comes from but the guy has been knocked out cold at some petrol station somewhere after he called a black dude there the N word and he didn’t take kindly to it. It’s a beautiful sight seeing him on the floor with his eyes glazed over like tha:

Damn that really was all she wrote for that guy. Obviously it’s not a good idea to condone violence, but if this guy really was rocking around shouting at this guy and calling him the N word then he probably did deserve to get KOed for the count.

For more of the same, check out this guy getting knocked out on the tube for saying similar stuff. Deserved it as well.


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