Bride Pulls Off A+ Dance Routine For Her Groom At Wedding And He Couldn’t Be Happier

Best wedding surprise ever?

One dude who definitely wasn’t second-guessing his decision to get married on the big day is this guy named Victor Ruiz, whose bride put on this smoking dance routine for him alongside her bridesmaids who also happen to be pretty smoking.

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I guess it helps that Renata Bresciani is a model, choreographer and pro dancer, so this kinda thing is probably going to be a fairly regular treat for old Victor.

The video has racked up over 1 million views already:

I know it was only yesterday we said Mila Kunis was the most desirable woman on the planet but I think Renata just threw her name into the hat here. Not many women would have the balls to do something like this in the middle of their wedding. Most couples don’t even talk to each other on their wedding day do they? These two probably went home and had wild wedding sex to a Ja Rule album or something. What a day.

Beats twerking on stage at your own wedding, surely.


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