The 7 Luxury Items Every Apartment NEEDS

Marshall Fridge

You know you’ve made it when you’re pimping out your pad with some of this stuff.

Samsung S9 UHD TV

Samsung F800

There may be some that argue with this, but they’re few and far between, and that is that very apartment, home, cabin retreat or motel needs a TV. Modern day society has developed us into humans that need constant information to be fed to us in a never ending cycle. Whether you use your TV for genuine viewing purposes like watching Palace embarrass Liverpool for the second year in a row, catching up on Breaking Bad for the 4th time since its release or just for background noise.

The Samsung F800 is just the TV for the job, with an 85 inch screen and speakers built into its self sustaining frame, this TV is what can only be described as the dogs bollocks. Just like before the price of this thing is astronomically high – £35,000. Enough to roughly fund the purchase of a 2014 Mercedes Benz E Class. Although I guess if you can afford to pay £35,000 for a TV a Merc E Class isn’t really what you’re looking for in a motor anyway. Nonetheless, this TV is a serious bit of kit.

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