New Mercedes Truck Comes With Autopilot Option; Allows Truckers To Watch Porn Instead Of Working

Future Truck 2025

Finally, the upgrade we’ve all been waiting for.

It was only a couple of days ago that we bought you details of the most luxurious van in history, and now Mercedes has upped the ante again with their Future Truck 2025, which is more like a Transformer than a regular vehicle.

It comes with what Mercedes are calling the Highway Pilot system, which uses the truck’s various cameras and sensors to create a three dimensional map including the the road, topography and stationary and moving objects. Essentially this information allows the truck to steer itself autonomously without any instruction from the driver, which essentially means that in the future truckers can just just lay back and watch porn (or whatever) they want instead of getting completely wired on Red Bull (or whatever else they might be using) whilst trying to make that all important deadline.

Not only that, but it also looks completely sleek and dope compared to most of the stuff on the road. Welcome to the future – this truck could change the whole face of the commercial shipping industry. An unfortunate side effect though is that it might mean the end of this outlandish Japanese trucker art.


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