The 7 Luxury Items Every Apartment NEEDS

Marshall Fridge

You know you’ve made it when you’re pimping out your pad with some of this stuff.

Zepsoke Pool Table 

Zespoke Pool Table.

We’ve all seen some pretty astounding pool tables in our time, probably whilst browsing the internet at four in the morning after you’ve exhausted every other avenue of escape. There’s floating ones, there’s oddly shaped ones and even ones with lasers in them, but this one combines a high level of oddity and awesomeness whilst still maintaining some level of sophistication. T

he black and red instantly reminds you of a gorgeous sports car or a superheroes outfit, basically anything strongly guy related and this is precisely the reason it would probably look good in any place. Now the price is obviously the most unattractive thing about this Zespoke piece, because at £23,950 it’s going take at least 10-12 big accas to get it into your living room, and thats why it’s perfect for the dream place – because it’ll always be a dream.

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