The 7 Luxury Items Every Apartment NEEDS

Marshall Fridge

You know you’ve made it when you’re pimping out your pad with some of this stuff.

Neon Poker Table Sign

Neon Poker Table Sign.

Now this one may be a bit garish and not to certain peoples tastes, but wether you’re a bachelor looking to spice up his games room or a party girl who needs a neon light for the bar area in her Toronto apartment, this neon poker light will do the job. Also it will look perfect in any true games room. Everyone knows a neon light classes up the joint, I mean, look at Vegas right? Just like a one night stand, gorgeous at 2am, shocking at 11am. Although not as shocking as the price, for all the head turning neon lightyness it brings, £223 isn’t so bad. If you do decide to go down the games room route you might want to consider this next one too…

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