Iraqi Father Takes Out 7 ISIS With AK-47 On Suicide Mission To Get Revenge For His Executed Son

ISIS Execution

The only truly badass response really.

A guy called Basil Ramadan has reportedly gone full Kevin Bacon Death Sentence on ISIS after they killed not one but both of his sons.

His first son was killed by the asshole terrorist group back in 2007, but his other 18 year old son was accused of spying by them in January and then subsequently executed. What was Basil’s reaction to this? To go all Michael Douglas Falling Down on those pricks and march up to a checkpoint with an AK47 in the town of Tikrit and unleash hell upon them, taking down 7 of them before being popped himself.

Here’s a short video one of those jokey newscasts that puts pictures and animations to stupid voiceovers covering the story. Even though it’s jokey, it does a pretty good job of laying out what allegedly happened.

Although it’s a completely different way of fighting ISIS, these Japanese hostage memes were also excellent when they first appeared.

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