Students Are Selling Donald Trump’s Tweets As NFTs And Donating The Profits To Charities He Hates

This is pretty funny.

You can’t really go one single day without hearing about an NFT, but for once I’m not writing a completely stupid story about how much money people are spending on one of them. Still a stupid story though, don’t get me wrong.

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Instead, this one is about how a few students have teamed up to sell Donald Trump’s old tweets as NFTs and then donate the money made from them to some of the charities that he openly hated on during his time as President. Theodore Horn, Jackie Ni and Jason Yu set up Drumpfs towards the end of last month, but have already managed to collect 46,000 of Trump’s tweets and raise $6000 for organisations like NAACP and the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Here’s what Horn had to say about the venture:

I’d say we’ve got 99% of them [Trump’s tweets].’

Most of his political tweets are all there.

There are 100 tweets that are known as ‘infamous tweets’ and there are also ‘flagged’ and ‘deleted’ tweets that have become exchangeable.

[The infamous tweets are] a combo of ones we thought were funny and ones like the birth certificate tweets.

The most popular one was from back in 2012 where he told Robert Pattinson the the should dump Kristen Stewart.

We kind of need to remind people that these Trump tweets — a lot of them are really bad, and we thought, why don’t we try to make some money off of his tweets and donate all the funds to charities so that the people that were hurt by these tweets can benefit.

Yeah this is a really great idea and I’m all for it – especially as it doesn’t seem like people are spending ridiculous amounts of money on these NFTs like they are for some of them out there – but I don’t really understand why these students can just claim ownership of Trump’s tweets and sell them as NFTs? Surely he should have some kind of say in this or if not then Twitter themselves must have some kind of first refusal on them as they were made on their platform? How are these guys just ‘collecting’ the tweets and selling them as NFTs? Where does their authority come from? Wish someone could explain that to me.

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