Burger With 1000 Slices Of Cheese


A guy tries to eat a Burger King Whopper with 1000 slices of cheese. Why? Because the Japanese do whatever the fvck they want.

The Japanese are renowned for not giving a fvck and for pretty much doing whatever they want. Like, we all know that having a fetish for girls’ underwear soaked in period blood is really kinda weird but that’s exactly what Japan has got: a massive soiled panty fetish. They even sell the fvcking things from vending machines. I can’t imagine why a guy would use one of the vending machines when he could just go into one of the burusera shops (that’s what the panty-selling-shops are called) and have a bit more privacy while he decides what blood clot he wants to wank over the most. As I said, though, the Japanese do whatever the fvck they want so the vending machines are probably seen as pretty normal to them. Crazy dudes.

If you’re a regular reader of Sick Chirpse then you’ll probably remember when we brought your attention to some guy trying to eat a burger with 1,050 strips of bacon. Yeah, you’ve guessed it. It happened in Japan and,  yep, the guy was Japanese. Even though he came nowhere near to eating the bacon-burger, he’s now decided to have a second go of eating something fvcking disgusting and hideously huge. I’m not sure whether the guy’s got massive balls or whether he’s just completely tapped. Here’s a picture of what he attempted to eat: a Burger King Whopper with 1000 slices of cheese.


Looks ugly as fvck doesn’t it? It looks like a mountain of pissed-on toilet roll wedged between some pieces of bread. Don’t get me wrong, I think cheese is pretty cool (though I’m not that much down with dick cheese) but this would probably put me off ever eating cheese on toast again. And then what am I supposed to do with the Lea & Perrins in the cupboard? You’d also wanna avoid eating it if you have high-blood pressure or IBS or something. It has 45,661 calories and weighs 12,782 grams and will probably kill you or you’ll be shitting out stuff that looks like yoghurt for a few weeks.

Here’s a video of the guy (trying to) eat it:

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