Fred Durst Got Memed Into Oblivion Again After Appearance As Old Man At Lollapalooza

Old Man Durst is here to stay.

One of the most surprising things that has happened this year went down last week when Fred Durst ditched his red cap to sport a new look which kinda makes him look like a geography teacher, and it now turns out that this wasn’t a one off Instagram post as he decided to turn up to Lollapalooza for the Limp Bizkit performance on Saturday in the exact same get up and rock the hell out up there.

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Anyway, you can watch the whole set below if you want, but the best part of it all was obviously a load of people on the internet giving Fred Durst the meme treatment and rinsing the shit out of his new swagger:

Some of those really are A+ aren’t they? Not really sure why Durst has adopted this look, but if you watched the set then they play some weird song that keeps saying ‘Dad Vibes’ over and over again and he keeps tagging his Instagram posts with #lbdadvibes, so maybe they’ve finally got a new song coming out that has something to do with that? We’ll see.

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