Finally, the prayers of Limp Bizkit fans have been answered as Fred Durst gets a TV deal.

That’s right Limp Bizkit fans. It looks as though the Limp Bizkit comeback this year didn’t go so well for Fred Durst (I’m not sure why though because let’s face it Gold Cobra was banging) as he’s signed a deal with US channel CBS – who also produce Two and a Half Men – to develop and star in a half hour sitcom. Sounds pretty killer right? Wait until you hear the details.

The show – which is set to be called Douchebag after a track on the Gold Cobra record, obviously – is set to revolve around the life of a ‘rock legend’ who is trying to balance his fame, fortune and high profile lifestyle with raising his family. So it’s pretty much Fred Durst playing himself. Or maybe how he sees himself anyway, even if the fine details don’t exactly match up. At this point there isn’t any other information on the show – which is a real shame – except that it’s being written by some guy called Matthew Carlson who wrote some show called Mr Sunshine that I’ve never heard of.

Still, the only hook you really need on this show is that it stars Fred Durst. There is no way I’m not going to tune in – if it ever makes it to air that is.

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