Watch A 3 VS 1 MMA Fight From Poland End In An Absolutely Savage Beatdown

Only one way this was going to end.

I don’t know what’s going on over in Poland, but in the last couple of weeks we’ve featured some completely outrageous MMA fights that I can’t even believe were sanctioned in the first place and now we’ve got another one here to add to the list.

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We’re hanging out at an Elite Fighters event in Rzeszow, Poland for this clip where a fighter known as Kung Fu Panda decided to take on a trio of killers named Milosz ‘Modlicha’ Wlodkowski, Maciej ‘Szwechu’ Szwech and Norbert ‘Neted’ Grazka. Not really sure why he wanted to do that as it’s hard enough to win a one on one MMA match, let alone one where he has to face three other people, but I guess he thought he was hard enough to style it out somehow.

Anyway, you can guess how this turned out but it’s still kinda fun to watch it below:

Lol what was the point of that even happening? It seems completely ridiculous to think that Kung Fu Panda even had a chance, especially when he’s choosing to bill himself with that name in the fight. Kinda surprised that the referee even let it go on so long because as soon as that one guy has him pinned down and they’re both relentlessly pounding him in the head that there’s absolutely no way out for the guy. This probably shouldn’t happen again.

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