Gwyneth Paltrow’s Daughter Has Roasted Her Goop Vagina Products On TIkTok


Gwyneth Paltrow’s rebrand as a wellness specialist selling vagina scented candles is very easy to make fun of for anyone, but I wouldn’t have expected her own daughter to have started doing this as well via her TikTok account, but here we are.

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Gwyneth’s daughter Apple Martin – she had her with Coldplay singer Chris Martin remember – might be only 16 years old but she wasn’t holding back when someone asked her on her TikTok account what she thought of her mum’s products. Apple then went to narrate Gwyneth’s every day routine on the official Goop account and pretty much completely roasted her:

@goopWhen you get roasted by your gen z daughter… ##motherdaughter ##goop ##fyp ##gwynethpaltrow

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Lol I think she kinda gets away with that being affectionate just, although she is laughing loads so I kinda wanna take it more of a rinse. It must be so weird for Apple growing up and knowing that her mother used to be a really famous actress but then she just gave it up to sell vagina candles. Even though she’s really successful at doing that, it’s gotta be really weird for Apple to take all that on board when she’s just 16 years old. You probably would think your mum was a weirdo wouldn’t you?

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