EA Has Announced A New ‘Skate’ Game For Next Generation Consoles

Oh boy.

It’s been an absolutely huge year for skateboarding video games, with the much hyped ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ remaster and now EA announcing that they’re developing a new ‘Skate’ game for next generation consoles, ten years after the last one.

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The news came courtesy of an announcement at an EA event from Longtime Skate producers Chris “Cuz” Perry and Deran Chung, saying the following:

We’re back, we’re doing it, Skate’s happening…we’re rolling. We secretly got together, it’s happening, the Skate evolution continues. […] We’ve got a long way to go, but we’re stoked, and this is just the beginning. We want to thank you for your passion, your patience, and all the support you’ve given to get us to this point. You commented this into existence. Skate forever.

We’ve been waiting years, honestly, to make the right game at the right time with the right idea, and I’m really, really pleased to say that we’re here,” Chung said. “It is really early, but it takes a little while to find Cuz, or wake him up.

Sadly they’re not giving us a time limit on this and if it’s just the beginning of development, it’s gonna be an absolute age until it comes out, but still you’ve gotta get excited that it’s finally happening. Everyone knows that even though Tony Hawk’s invented skateboarding video games, ‘Skate’ mastered them so this is going to be special.

Obviously, the internet was super stoked about this development as well:

For more of the same, check out the trailer to the ‘Tony Hawk’s’ remaster. That’s gonna be special.


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