9 Bonkers Things Done By Philosophers

Wanking in public? Promoting bestiality? Turning down Nobel prizes?

We might typically associate philosophers with wisdom, knowledge and tranquillity, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go off the rails and act a little crazy now and again. Then again, what is crazy, right? I guess these philosophers would have been asking themselves the same question.

Here are 9 occasions which may suggest the following famous philosophers had lost their marbles:

9. Descartes Slept In An Oven

“I think therefore I am” is the quote which Descartes is best known by, but did he think of it while sleeping inside an oven? Well, not technically an oven — it was more a stone room where a fire was always burning.

It definitely wasn’t designed for people to hang out inside of, but Descartes happily slept in one and had dreams/hallucinations that helped develop his philosophical beliefs.

8. A Chicken Is Not A Man

Greek philosopher Diogenes disagreed with Plato’s description of a man as “a featherless biped”, so much so that he hand-plucked a chicken and then delivered it to Plato to argue that a chicken is indeed not a man.

Bit extreme, but a point well made perhaps?

Plato added “with broad flat nails” to his definition.

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