7 Examples Of Outrageously Unacceptable Behaviour On Public Transport

#1 is an undisputed Internet classic.

We’ve already been acquainted with the shady characters that make up the 5 Worst People on the London Underground, but how about we check out some actual hard evidence of unacceptable public transport behaviour around the world.

Here are 7 activities you’d do well not to engage in while using the train/bus.

7. Fighting

Spoilt for choice here, but let’s go with this video from Aldgate East station last year. Can’t we all  just stick to our side of the arm rest?

6. Dry Humping

These two either legitimately think they’re the only people on the train or are so lost in the moment it just feels that way.  Let’s just be be grateful the video’s only 5 seconds long.

5. Singing Rihanna Songs Really Badly

Going full on karaoke mode on public transport take some serious balls, but still… just don’t.

4. Getting Married




New Yorkers Hector Irakliotis and Tatyana Sandler got married on the train apparently for no other reason than “it’s something very different”. Can’t disagree with that I guess. Bride’s dress must’ve been looking GRIMY by the end of it.

3. Hiding Under Seats Touching Women’s Legs

So many questions for this guy. Firstly — what the hell is he doing? Secondly, what happens if he gets caught? What’s the exit plan exactly? Does he own up to being a giant pervert or just leg it off the train? Mind-boggling behaviour.

2. Playing X Box While You Wait For Your Train


I’m not even sure it’s fair to call this one ridiculous. It’s actually ingenious. While everyone else sits around bored waiting for their train this guy is training up his Ultimate Team like no one’s business. Nicely done.

1. Going Full On Chav Mode

An undisputed Internet classic for the ages.

Where’s that uppercut-happy bus driver when you need him?


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