The City Of Detroit Has Built A Huge 11 Foot Statue Of Robocop


I’m not really sure if famous people really need to have their likenesses commemorated in statue form – remember all that shit that was going down last summer? – but I am absolutely here for the city of Detroit commissioning a huge eleven foot statue of Robocop, even if it doesn’t have an official position yet.

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You might have heard about this before in the past because it all started with a viral internet tweet when someone hit up the mayor of Detroit complaining that if Philadelphia had a statue of Rocky, why the hell couldn’t Detroit have one of Robocop? Incredibly, the tweet garnered so much attention that a Kickstarter was set up and raised $67, 436 towards the construction of the statue and now, ten years later it’s finally completed.

Feast your eyes on this:

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Beautiful isn’t it? Can’t say that I would ever make a special trip to Detroit just to see it, but if I was in the city for some reason – God forbid – then I would definitely stop by to check it out. How could you not?

Unfortunately though, it might be some time until we’re actually able to do this, as the Coronavirus pandemic has meant that the Michigan Science Centre can no longer honour their original commitment of displaying the statue outside it. Brandon Walley – who founded the Kickstarter – said the following about the statue’s prospects for finding a spot in the near future:

I can say there’s interest from some great spots around Detroit.

We’re not close to closing any deals right now.

Right now, we’re just celebrating that he’s done and he looks great.

A structure like that, with the prep work for the base, it needs to be warmer weather anyway.

Sounds like it’s gonna be one hell of a summer. I for one can’t wait to see this guy standing tall on his plinth somewhere with the sun glistening off his metallic chest as the crowds gather around him – that’s when I’ll know that the Coronavirus pandemic really is over once and for all.

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