This Thread About The Dead Man Who Shot Judge Salas’ Husband And Son Is Completely Crazy

He allegedly shot himself last night.

We were all fairly shocked yesterday when we heard that a hitman assassinated the family of a federal judge who had just been assigned a case linked to Jeffrey Epstein and I suppose it wasn’t too much of a surprise either when the shooter turned up dead later on that day from an apparent suicide. Surely there’s something fishy going on here?

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The shooter was later identified as Roy Den Hollander and a thread has appeared on the internet giving us a bunch of details about his life and current situation and guess what? It’s absolutely crazy.

The thread pretty much completely paints the former attorney as a person that would act on his own and assassinate the judge for his own motivations, which are mainly concerned with the progression of men’s rights and an anti feminist agenda. To give you an idea of what we’re dealing with here, Hollander once tried to sue several Manhattan night clubs saying that offering women lower prices on ladies’ night was discriminatory. He had a case pending against Salas challenging the military’s men only draft.

Take a read below and see what you think – there are receipts/evidence so it all seems fairly legit:

Well, I’m sure the conspiracy nuts out there are going to say – and are already saying to be fair – that it’s pretty convenient that all this information has come out less than 24 hours after Hollander was identified and committed suicide, but sometimes the fact that it’s all there is because this is the actual story, right? There’s so much paperwork and receipts of this guy actually doing all this shit that it can’t actually all have been faked, can it?

Seems ridiculous to think someone could have planted all this information and come up with such a convincing and humongous backstory for this guy, but I suppose when the aim is keeping your celebrity paedophile ring under wraps then nothing is too big a task. Hollander also fits the ‘popular’ idea of a lone shooter these days as a troubled incel that hates women, so it does again seem a little convenient doesn’t it?

Not really sure what to think about it to be honest, but it’s probably one to keep your eyes on. Definitely isn’t over yet.

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