Why Online Casinos Are On The Rise

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Technology has been advancing each day. In the past few years, the online casino has been on the upward trend in growth. The current market value for the online casino industry is 59 billion dollars. According to projection, the market will rise to almost 93 billion dollars in the year 2023. That will account for 50% growth in just three years.

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In 2019, the online casinos benefited from the situation whereby almost everything shifted to online. The traditional casinos were not an option since they were closed at the moment. The online casino was there to provide the solution required at the moment. The games on the casino online include table games or poker. There is no discrepancy between their services. Recently, there has been a massive shift from traditional gambling to online mobile gambling. The rise in the global online gambling market is due to the following factors. 

Technology is becoming more common. Almost everyone owns a smartphone. Back then, that kind of technology was not available. Currently, anyone can gamble on online platforms such as betway from anywhere globally as long as the players have access to the internet. This shift made the online casino more accessible to people. There is no need to travel to access traditional casinos. You can play in the comfort of your home.

If you would like to have the experience to know how to gamble using the traditional means, a live casino is a way to go. You can play a real dealer easily and see for yourself. Even if you want to play with your friends physically as you continue with your interactions, you can gather at a place and continue enjoying casino games.

Online casino gaming is an attractive massive number of people. In 2018 sports betting, such as betway, accounted for about 42.5% of all online gambling industry in Europe. That is according to the data released by EGBA. The current assumption is that the current situation is the same.  Sports betting is the most common in online casinos. The traditional form of betting has been significantly affected by the introduction of the online platform. In the United States alone, about 80% of gambling is based online. Online mobile betting is a more convenient form than a physical establishment.

There have been many bad experiences with online gaming in the previous years, whereby there were no strict regulations and technology was not popular. Most of the people were suspicious of illegal scam sites. Some of the gambling service providers have scammed at one point. The confidence of the gamers had been affected greatly due to the scrupulous deals. 

Currently, online casinos are more secure compared to traditional casinos. Many people overlook and regulate online casinos that ensure the safety of the players. The gaming industry has to follow the regulations to ensure the security of the players.  Nowadays, you can deposit money, and you do not have to worry about losing or getting scammed. Additionally, you are ensured of getting revenue if you win.


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