Inmates Warn Adam Johnson Faces Razor Blade Torture, Tell Him Not To Throw ‘Millionaire Strops’

His life just gets worse and worse.

Earlier this month we reported that Adam Johnson is paying for protection in prison where a child rapist was disemboweled with razor blades. Sounds like that would definitely be a good idea from Johnson if he doesn’t want to suffer the same fate.

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As if his life couldn’t get any worse, inmates have warned that the former Sunderland footballer could get the old razor blade torture treatment in the showers due to his child sex conviction, and especially if he throws any ‘millionaire strops’. Gulp.

One convicted killer known as Charles said that Johnson should avoid the sex offenders’ wing ASAP if he wanted to avoid getting seriously hurt. He also described a time when he saw a previously convicted sex offender getting tortured in the shower. He told Vice News:

They held him down, cut him across the nips, his face, his cock and then one of the lads stuck a blade in his arse.

My mate was the wing cleaner. Took him an hour to clear up the shower and walls.

The biggest mistake he could make would be to stay on the nonce wing for a second longer than he has to.

He ain’t touched a baby or a ten-year-old but the longer he stays tucked up with that kind of scum the more suspicious other prisoners will get.

Get on a normal wing, talk to a couple of the faces there and show them his papers and then just get on with it.


Wuh-oh. If Johnson wants to make it out of his six year sentence at HM Prison Leeds alive, he’d better watch his back and get out of the “nonce” wing sharpish.


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